Are you finished yet?

Some years ago I announced I was going to write a novel. (What a dumb idea that was!).

After that fateful day, I received an almost daily reminder of my complete worthlessness and ineptitude as I plodded ever forward, not working on my novel. In fact, doing everything I could, cleaning, painting, a study of the mating habits of the mongolian silk worm, rather than finishing my novel.

Sad to say, that five years later, I was still no further forward in this endeavour. Sure, I’d had things published between that time. But the elusive novel still seemed so far from my grasp. Therefore, to save any more embarrassment and having to wear camouflage at family parties, I got a coach.

I have an amazing life coach called Natalie Bacon, (check out her website here). And I have been using her techniques to help me move past some blocks in my life with brilliant success. So I thought, if a life coach can help me with the everyday, then maybe a writing coach can help me with my book.

Enter Rhonda Douglas, Writing Coach Extraordinaire. She runs a Facebook group called Resilient Writers and specialises in helping people get past those blocks to writing and completing their first novel.

I read through her website, (check it out here), signed up for the alerts, and waited for the doors to open on her writing programme. When they did, I applied, sent in an excerpt of my work, and waited.

Two weeks later, success! I had a place on First Book Finish, 12 weeks to complete my novel.

Since beginning on the 1st March, I’ve been showing up at my computer every day and getting the words down. What changed?

Namely, me!

Between my two coaches, I am getting all the mindset and writing techniques I need to get me to that finish line. Could I have done this by myself? Possibly. But the truth is, I’d been sitting on this idea for over fifteen years and still hadn’t completed it, so you be the judge.

I’m now over three quarters of the way through my book and the end is in sight. Finally!

I can’t tell you how amazing it’s going to be to write the words, ‘The End’, when I get there. And I will get there. Rhonda’s programme has not only given me the techniques to get past certain blocks, but she has also created a group where we can all get together once a week and share our writing wins and struggles, without that pride-shattering, ‘oh, haven’t you finished yet’, spiel.

I know that getting a coach isn’t always possible. And if that’s the case for you, then grab a friend, (not physically, there are rules against that), and create a group where you can talk about writerly things and share tips and challenges along the way.

But if you are having trouble getting those words down, and you feel that you’ve got yourself as far as you can, I highly recommend getting a coach or mentor. Someone that’s trod the path before you and can show you where the potholes are. Your writing career will thank you for it in the end.

Bye for now and Happy writing!

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