Who am I?

Writing has always been part of my life – mostly on scraps of paper when I thought my boss wasn’t looking.

(Tip; always keep a report handy to slide over your writing so it looks like you’re still working).

After years of forcing my writing on very understanding friends, a couple of them said I should try to do it professionally. (To this day I’m unsure whether it was because they thought I could or whether they were just sick of me asking them to read stuff).

Either way, I gave it some thought and decided that throughout my many endeavours, writing had been the only thing I’d ever done consistently.

So I decided to do that.

I enrolled on a couple of writing courses, started work on a book and managed to get a few articles and fillers published.

UPDATE: A couple of years down the line and I’ve now won a radio playwright competition, completed my first TV script (with co-writer Heidi Busby Brown), and am nearing the finish line of my first novel.

Add to that, the start up of an online magazine dedicated to everything story, (also with Heidi Busby Brown), I don’t think it’s been a bad two years.

In this blog I hope to bring you along on my journey of ramblings, ranting and cake baking when I get a rejection 🙂 Hey, I have to make myself feel better somehow, and everything’s better with a bit of cake.

So put your feet up, grab a slice and a cuppa, and hopefully we’ll get through this together!

I guess now I’m a fully fledged writer, or so I keep telling myself. (Maybe one day it will be true).

19 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. It sounds more impressive than it is lol! I’ve been writing for about ten years but have only just summed up the courage to put anything out there, and I certainly get ignored far more than I get answered 😉


  2. Well done! Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. You’ve got further than me that’s for sure. I had poetry published in my 20s and was runner-up in The Times literary competition a few years ago but since then, I struggle to even write my blog! :-0

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  3. Thank you 🙂 I know what you mean, I’m terrible at keeping my blog going (hence the course!) I needed something to keep me motivated.
    The Times…wow! I hope I get the opportunity to see some of your work one day. The world needs needs good storytellers!


    1. For sure!
      I’m still navigating the horizon myself. Will take a look tonight, not sure how to find someone on there.
      To be honest, not even sure I should be trusted on a computer by myself, but the kids keep leaving it on 🙂

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      1. HA! Know what you mean. Had to make a quick run to the hospital for appendectomy a few weeks ago while visiting family, and thank the Lord for adults kids with GPS in the back seat. My daughter calls is “life skills”….

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  4. Pah!
    Only 3 boys and a home to manage?
    I live 5 minutes from a beautiful Mediterranean beach, and I still find time to write every day.
    Good luck, Cheryl, your stories are excellent.

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