Anyone for a Fat Rascal?

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to post. We had been invaded by the dreaded lurgy and its taken us a full two weeks to recover. I was all but ready to paint a black spot on our door and start ringing a bell, but alas, it broke and we are all onContinue reading “Anyone for a Fat Rascal?”

Blogs, blogs everywhere…

…and not enough time to read! There are so many great blogs on here and I’m spending so much time on the Reader, I think I’m on the cusp of a new obsession. Day 8 of ‘blogging 101’ asks us to comment on four blogs we’ve never commented on before. So I decided to logContinue reading “Blogs, blogs everywhere…”

Thanks but…

…no thanks. Maybe you should stick to colouring in – here have a pencil. On second thoughts, give it back, these baby’s are hard to come by! Yep, that will be another NO then. Another, don’t call us and we’ll forget we ever had your number! But I’m telling myself it can’t be all badContinue reading “Thanks but…”

I made a promise…

…So here they are. A selection of cakes that I’ve made, mostly when I’m feeling sorry for myself. I love baking, especially when I’ve recieved another crushing blow from a magazine editor saying thanks, but you’re better off sticking with crayons. I hope you like them. I would love to hear from any of myContinue reading “I made a promise…”

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