Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt!

I studied my reflection in the murky water of the fountain. An unlined face gazed back at me like a stranger. The breeze caressed my skin and I smiled. It’d been so long. Damp earth and decay seeped into my skin as I stretched out like a cat in the afternoon sun. Her silent bodyContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt!”

I know places!

Today is Prompt Day for “Blogging 101”. We needed to create a post from a prompt on the Daily Post. Mine was; PLACES – Beach, Mountains, forest or somwhere else. This got me thinking about my ideal place to write. “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is toContinue reading “I know places!”

Dynamic Dialogue!

It’s day nine of ‘blogging 101’ and we needed to build on one of the comments we’d made from the previous day. I chose an article on Roz Morris’ blog ‘Nail Your Novel.’ She discussed clumsy dialogue and how to improve your scenes by leaving out more than you put in. I am in the editingContinue reading “Dynamic Dialogue!”

I’m a failure!

It’s something we don’t talk about enough, but without it we’d never experience our biggest successes. Failure is what drives us to do more, be more and push ourselves beyond the limits we thought were possible. “When people succeed they tend to party, when they fail, they tend to ponder”          Continue reading “I’m a failure!”

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